Best Practices for OMS and Azure Automation Runbooks

Today I joined also the session „Azure Automation – Dive deep and learn to breathe under water“ with Aleksandar Nikolic and Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen at SCU Europe 2016.

They shared their Best Practices for OMS an Azure Automation Runbooks:

  • Use Azure Automation assets (never hardcode values, especially secure information)
  • Powershell: for tasks that require fast start and are not long running
  • Powershell Workflow: for long running tasks where checkpointing is needed
  • Graphical/Graphical Powershell Workflow; to focus on data flow complex processes
  • Use Write-Process and Write-Verbose to help debug Runbooks, turn off unless you need to debug
  • Write simpler, modular Runbooks so that they can be reused
  • Set ErrorAction to stop, to make sure job status is what you expect

Thank you very much guys for sharing your experience!

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