Orchestrator „Compress File“ and Umlauts

Here in Germany we have umlauts like „Ää“, „Öö“,; „Üü“ and an „ß“ which is now available in upper case as „ẞ“.

The „Compress File“ Activity from Orchestrator changes this characters in the result.

With this PowerShell-Script in the „Run .Net Script“ Activity you can handle even those characters:

powershell {
                $source= 'C:\Folder\toCompess'
                $destination = 'c:\otherFolder\Archiv.zip'
                Add-Type -assembly "system.io.compression.filesystem"
                [io.compression.zipfile]::CreateFromDirectory($Source, $destination)
} 2>&1
[string]$ErrorMessage = $Error
IF ($ErrorMessage) {throw New-Object System.Exception($ErrorMessage)}


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