That´s (to expect) new in System Center 2016 Orchestrator and SMA

Microsoft has released Technical Preview 5 for System Center 2016 (and Windows Server 2016) some weeks ago (

I can find no official statement from Microsoft sites until now, but some other sources like declare it as „feature complete““. I believe it’s the final version before RTM as well and not too much changes will be made for the final release.

So, how Orchestrator and Service Management Automation (SMA) will look like?

The setup looks like the setup in System Center 2012 R2. Orchestrator and SMA are still two separate components:


The upgrade from System Center 2012 R2 to in System Center 2016 TP5 is to uninstall the old versions and attach to the existing operational databases while installing the new version. This worked here for both Orchestrator and SMA.

To make it short: In (classic) Orchestrator nothing changed at the first look, except the versions.


I can register, deploy and use the Integration Packs from System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator in from System Center 2012 TP5 Orchestrator.
In Service Management Automation (SMA) there are some new features.

In the version System Center 2012 R2 you need WAP (Windows Azure Pack) to manage the Runbooks and assets with a GUI from Microsoft.
With System Center 2016 T5 you can use the Service Management Automation ISE AddOn to manage your Runbooks


and you can write Runbooks with PowerShell-Scripts and Workflows. In the previous version it is just Workflow.


You can execute PowerShell 5 directly and assign available Runbook Workes in the properties of the Runbook.

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